Wu Hao  (Chinese, b.1987)  is an emerging photographer born in Nanning, Guangxi. After he got his bachelor in journalism major in Shanghai, he worked for few local newspapers and corporative photography company as staff photographer and start his own career as a freelancer in 2012.

Wu Hao specialises in documentary, reportage and street photography, currently based in Beijing, China.

He got his first camera in 2007 and soon became passionate, seeking for interesting and valuable moments on the street and mysterious corner of China with his perspective. Recording life stories as seen by his eyes. In recent years he has been working as independent documentary photographer in China and nearby countries while pursuing of personal projects. His works focus on people’s way of living under the fast changing society and have been published internationally on Magazines and newspapers.

He speaks fluently in English, Madrin Chinese and Cantonese and available for assignments in Editorial, Reportage and Travelling stories.

Wu Hao is member of XXV Photos, a photographic collective from Portugal dedicate to Sport documentary stories.






Education in Photography

 2010 Magnum Photographer Workshop with Chien-Chi Chang (Beijing , China)

2010 IOPF Multimedia Workshop with DJ Clark & David Campbell (Changsha , China)

2011 Magnum master class with Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb (Hongkong)



2010 “Disorientation” – Zentr Arts Gallery - Samara . Russia

2011 “Street signs” - Rito Gallery - Shanghai . China 


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